Mountainbiking Source: Florian Strigel Mountainbiking
There is a Bike Park in Boppard. Also mountainbike tours in the Loreley Valley.
Canoe tour Canoe trip
A real adventure is a canoe trip through the Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage, passing the legendary Loreley rock.
Gleitschirmfliegen Paragliding
An experience in the scenic delightful environment of the World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

Tandem flights with guests are possible !
Asbach Baths Rüdesheim Swimming
There are lots of public baths in the Loreley Valley. The indoor and outdoor swimming pools are often opened in rotation. The swimming pools are mostly lovely situated. Swimming in the river Rhine is very dangerous and therefore inadvisable.
Climbing Climbing
Now there are also two fixed rope routes in the Loreley Valley: one in Boppard and the other one in Oberwesel. And of course the well-known rock climbing trail in the nature reserve "Morgenbachtal" near Trechtingshausen.
Fishing in the Rhine river Angling
The fish from the Rhine is very delicious, but only if you have an angling license. The river police controls very often.
bicycle tours Bicycle tour
A very special experience is a romantic castles and palaces bicycle tour through the Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage from Rüdesheim to Koblenz.
Miniature golf Miniature golf
There are lots of places where you can play miniature golf, mostly in the pleasure grounds.
Boule Boule
There are boule alleys in different garden cafés. You should try it with a good wine. You must bring along the balls. Therefore the use of the alleys is usually free.
Playing at skittles Playing at skittles
The Loreley Valley is perfect for skittle tours and tournament travels. Here you will find all your heart desires.
Covered wagon tour Covered wagon tour
There are not many possibilities in the valley, but on the hills you find farms that offer covered wagon tours.
Riding Riding
There are not many possibilities in the valley, but on the hills you find facilities that offer riding lessons and rides.

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